Recent Before & After Photos

Flood Contaminated Clothing from a Wilmington School

Hurricane Florence created substantial damage in eastern North Carolina, and one of the most affected towns was Wilmington, NC. After the storm subsided, some o... READ MORE

Rain Intrusion in Lenoir, NC

When rain intruded a local bank in Lenoir, NC, they had enough water damage to call us to make "Like it never even happened." Because the affected area had conc... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Lenoir, NC

When heavy rains entered this home in Lenoir, NC, we were called to make it "Like it never even happened." Because there was not any carpet in affected areas, w... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes Burst in Taylorsville, NC

During the winter months, especially when temperatures drop below freezing, you should take precautions to ensure your pipes don't freeze and burst. We get many... READ MORE

Water Mitigation at Lenoir, NC Property

Imagine waking up to find that water had leaked through two floors of our home and caused two ceiling tiles to fall. This was exactly what one customer rec... READ MORE

Toilet Overflow at a Lenoir Apartment Complex

We're often called to perform work on commercial properties, but what are the odds that two nearby apartment complexes would have water damage at the around the... READ MORE

Fire Cleanup in Lenoir, NC

When a fire damaged large portions of a home in Lenoir, our team was called to make it "Like it never even happened." The damage was too extensive to preserve t... READ MORE

Severe Mold Growth in Lenoir, NC

It's not very often that entire sections of homes are lost to mold, but that was the case with one home we recently worked on. When the homeowner left to visit ... READ MORE

Contents Packout in Lenoir, NC

A fire destroyed much of a home in Lenoir, NC a few months back. The fire ruined most of the possessions on the first floor, but smoke damage affected the basem... READ MORE

Lenoir Building Needs Water Damage Restoration and More

When a main water supply line running through the attic crawlspace ruptures, volumes of cascading water can produce unfortunate damage. This Lenoir ceiling and ... READ MORE