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3 Resources to Help with Fire Prevention

12/14/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 3 Resources to Help with Fire Prevention If you take precautions before a fire breaks out, you can prevent a lot of damage!

Nobody wants their home to have a fire, but it happens virtually every day in Alexander & Caldwell Counties. Fortunately, fires can be prevented if precautions are taken, and these resources are dedicated to helping you do just that!

  1.’s Fire Prevention Guide. This brief guide is a nice, short resource for homeowners. It features quotes from experts, fast facts, and a few fire prevention tips. It’s a great guide for anyone curious about fire prevention!
  2.’s Home Fire Page. is honestly a great resource for any disaster-based event. They provide helpful information that covers everything from before, during, and after a fire breaks out. Be sure to check out their other pages as well!
  3. NFPA’s Resource Page. The National Fire Prevention Association has plenty of resources on their website. They have fact sheets, community toolkits, and more! If you need to learn about fire prevention, this is the place to go.

At SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties, we believe that fire prevention education is important in our communities. But if you do have a fire and need our assistance, you can call us any time at (828) 396-1070!

What is an Emergency Ready Profile?

12/13/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial What is an Emergency Ready Profile? An ERP can help your business recover and resume operations quickly and efficiently!

According to FEMA, around 40% of businesses fail to reopen after a disaster. And to make things worse, the United States Small Business Administration found that over 90% of businesses close within 2 years of a disaster. But despite these alarming statistics, you can mitigate the impact of a disaster if you make preparations in advance. One of the easiest ways you can begin preparations is by creating an Emergency Ready Profile.

All of Our Business’ Vital Information

An Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) is a document comprised of all of your business’ vital information. It includes emergency contact information, utility shut-off locations, and other information you or your employees might need in an emergency situation.

Your local SERVPRO franchise will create an ERP for your business—free of charge! A representative will come in and ask a few questions, then get the necessary information regarding shut-offs and emergency exit points. The whole process should take no more than a few minutes of your time!

After your representative complies the documents, they will present both a physical and a digital copy of the ERP. And in some cases, they will give a copy to your local fire department to have for their own records.

Recovering Your Business

After a disaster, your priority should be to get your business back to its normal operations. Fortunately, an ERP allows you the opportunity to quickly respond and take crucial actions. So if you want to get an ERP for your business in the Lenoir or Taylorsville area, call SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties today at (828) 396-1070!

3 Types of Damages a Thunderstorm can Cause

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage 3 Types of Damages a Thunderstorm can Cause Storms can cause all kinds of damage, but we're here to make it "Like it never even happened!"

Thunderstorms—at least in the Lenoir area—are generally pretty mild, and they aren’t often something we worry about. But after most storms, we get calls from customers whose homes have been damaged. That’s why it’s important to understand how a storm can impact your home or business!

  1. Flooding. One of the most common issues homeowners face after a thunderstorm is flooding. This is often caused by an open door/window, cracks in the structure, or a leak from the roof. It’s important that you regularly inspect your home for places water can intrude and seal them before it ever rains.

  1. Wind Damage. Depending on the strength of the wind, your property could suffer heavy damages. Make sure that any unrestrained objects or sick/dead trees near your home are removed before the storm ever arrives!

  1. Fire Damage. Although less likely than the other two, fire damage is still a real possibility during a thunderstorm. Whether due to a power surge due to lightning or some other factor, fires can occur during a storm. If you notice lightning, keep appliances and other devices unplugged unless it’s necessary!

Storms can cause a lot of damage, but preparedness can mitigate the potential impact. If you have storm damage and need a professional to restore your home or business, call SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties at (828) 396-1070!

Fire Damage Q & A: Can I Clean the Damage on My Own?

12/7/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Q & A: Can I Clean the Damage on My Own? One of our employees uses specialized cleaning chemicals to remove soot from a soot-covered door!

After a fire, you’ll want to clean your home and get your life back to normal. While your insurance and others may advise you to get a professional disaster restoration company (such as us) to restore your home, you may have some reservations. In fact, you may think that it would be best if you just cleaned it yourself. But that’s not always the case.

Can I Clean Up Fire Damage on My Own?

The short answer is that we highly advise against it. Though in some cases—depending on the type and extent of the damage—we may instruct you on how to clean the damage yourself, it’s incredibly unlikely. The soot produced by a fire is sticky and tends to slip into porous materials. If you attempt to clean your walls or furniture on your own, you are likely to make the damage worse; in some cases, we won’t even be able to fully restore the areas or materials you attempted to clean yourself.

If you have smoke or soot damage, we highly encourage you to refrain from touching anything until we’ve arrived and begun the cleaning process.

Faster to Any Size Disaster

At SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties, we have helped many homes and businesses recover from fire damage over the last nearly 10 years. Our staff is qualified, and we use numerous techniques and chemicals to make it “Like it never even happened!”

SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties at the Lenoir Christmas Parade

11/19/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties at the Lenoir Christmas Parade SERVPRO will be at the annual Lenoir Christmas Parade this year!

Before you know it, Christmas will be in Lenoir! In fact, you can mark your calendars for November 30—that’s the date for the annual Lenoir Christmas Parade! Every year, well over 100 Christmas-themed floats flow through downtown Lenoir, followed by the man of the hour: Santa Claus himself. And just like we’ve done for the past consecutive years, SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties will join in the festivities.

This year, however, we’re not bringing our Large Loss trailer due to the size of the parade. Instead, we’ve invited a green celebrity and his animal friend to operate this year’s SERVPRO vehicle! We hope to see you at the parade, and we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Why You Should Hire SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties

11/8/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why You Should Hire SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties We have a team of over 50 employees who are ready to respond to any-size disaster!

When disaster strikes, you want to restore your home or business to its pre-disaster condition, which is why you hire a disaster restoration company. But in Alexander & Caldwell Counties, there are multiple restoration companies to choose from, one of them being SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties. Why should you hire us? Below are just 3 reasons!

  1. We are the largest disaster restoration company in the region. There are multiple disaster restoration companies in the area, but after nearly 10 years, we have secured ourselves as the largest and most efficient. We have over 50 employees, hundreds of units of equipment, and we can handle anything from small damages to large-scale disasters!

  1. We have a full-scale textile-cleaning facility. If a fire or flood damages your clothes, rugs, or other textiles, they’re in good care. At SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties, we have a fully operational, state-of-the-art textiles cleaning facility where we can completely restore damaged textiles. And our ESPORTA can clean even the softest materials, such as stuffed animals and blankets!

  1. We can handle any-size disaster. Sometimes major disasters can strike, causing large-scale damage to a home or business. Fortunately, SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties is a Large Loss franchise, which is a status given by SERVPRO corporate that indicates our franchise has the size, skills, and capacity to clean large disasters. We’ve restored many commercial jobs, most notably Lees-McRae College after the fire in 2017 and some schools in Wilmington after Hurricane Florence!

We do our best to satisfy our customers and to contribute to our community. If you have fire damage, water damage, mold, or any other type of damage, you can call SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties at (828) 396-1070! We’ll make it “Like it never even happened!”

What is a Large Loss Response Team?

11/1/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO What is a Large Loss Response Team? As a Large Loss franchise, we are capable of making any large-scale disaster "Like it never even happened!"

SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties has been around for nearly 10 years. During that time, we grew from a 3-man team to a growing, 50-employee operation. As we’ve grown in size, we’ve also gotten better at responding to disasters and helping customers get back on their feet even faster than before. That’s one of the reasons our franchise is part of the Large Loss Response Team.

What is a Large Loss Response Team?

SERVPRO is a large (and growing) franchise chain that is comprised of over 1,700 different franchises nationwide. As a result, when large-scale disasters strike, SERVPRO can deploy as many franchises as necessary to make it “Like it never even happened.”

But some franchises are capable of handling large disasters on their own—those designated as being part of the Large Loss Response Team by corporate. These franchises have the size, equipment, and capacity to handle large disasters by themselves or alongside a local franchise.

SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties is one such Large Loss franchise. We’ve responded to the 2017 fire at Lees-McRae College, flooding at Martinsville Speedway in Virginia, and many large disasters, including Hurricanes Harvey and Florence. Our team brings in our Large Loss trailer, equipped with over 100 units of equipment, a generator, a fully equipped mobile office, and more. We pull as many of our resources as possible to present the best customer experience possible.

Your Local Large Loss Franchise

No matter the extent of the damage, SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties is capable of responding to any size disaster. If your home or business needs cleanup and restoration services, call us today at (828) 396-1070!

3 Steps to Take After You Have a Water Damage

10/22/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage 3 Steps to Take After You Have a Water Damage Before SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties arrives, you should already begin extracting water and moving your belongings!

Even though flooding, leaks, and other water damages are common, most homeowners don’t deal with them on very frequently. So when disaster does strike, most property owners don’t know what to do or who to call. Fortunately, because we clean up and mitigate water damages daily, we can outline some important steps to take if you’re unfortunate enough to have this experience.

  1. Make sure the water source is shut off or otherwise resolved. Before any water mitigation can begin, the very first thing you need to do is make sure the situation isn’t getting worse. For example, if the source is a leaky or burst pipe, make sure the water has been shut off and the pipes have been fixed. Otherwise, any mitigation work will be quickly undone.

  1. Begin extracting as much standing water as possible. Even though your local disaster restoration company will begin extraction upon arrival, the faster this is completed, the less damage you will have overall. The objective is to get as much water out of our house as possible so the restoration company can begin drying as quickly as possible.
  1. Move furniture and belongings out of the affected room(s), if possible. If you have a way to safely move the affected room’s contents to a drier area, do so. When furniture, textiles, and other objects sit in water for too long, they can be affected by mold growth, staining, or worse. Once they are moved, you can do your best to dry them while help is on the way.

Water damages can be extremely stressful situations for property owners, but as long as you take a few simple steps while you wait for your local disaster restoration company to arrive, you’ll have the situation under control. If you have water damage in the Lenoir or Taylorsville, NC areas, call SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties at (828) 396-1070!

3 Ways SERVPRO of Alexander and Caldwell Counties Serves the Community

10/19/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO 3 Ways SERVPRO of Alexander and Caldwell Counties Serves the Community We go to many ribbon cuttings and other community events, like this one at Planet Fitness in Hickory!

As a member of the Unifour community for almost 10 years, we’ve witnessed and been part of amazing things. And because all of our employees reside in the area, we’ve contributed to numerous events and organizations that our company supports. We love our community and try to serve it in many different ways.

  • We sponsor many local events. If there’s a major event in the area, you’ll almost definitely see SERVPRO listed as one of the sponsors. We set up booths at local golf tournaments, participate in the Christmas parades, and even sponsor the blackberry-eating contest each year at the NC Blackberry Festival.
  • We serve on many boards. Several of our employees have roles beyond their normal day-to-day responsibilities. They also serve on advisory boards and boards of directors for many events and nonprofits. We often play an active part in some of the events we sponsor!
  • We donate to many nonprofits. There are some organizations in our area that are doing amazing things, and we love to help them when we can. We regularly donate to the causes we see making the most impact!

We strongly believe in our community, and we show that each and every day. It’s also why we are committed to serving homeowners and businesses after they have water, fire, or mold damage. It’s our goal to make it “Like it never even happened!”

3 Common Sources of Water Damage

10/16/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage 3 Common Sources of Water Damage After heavy storms, this roof was damaged and allowed this building to flood!

Though it often happens when it’s least expected, water damage is a problem that many homeowners face. And while it’s not always the case, in many instances, water damage is preventable. We’ve found that while there are many different causes of water damage, there are a few sources that tend to be the most common offenders.

  • Water Heater Leaks. While water heaters are essential in any modern home or building, they are also one of the most common sources of water damage. In many cases, they leak either due to old age or faulty parts and connections. The best way to prevent water damage from this important home appliance is to regularly inspect and perform routine maintenance.

  • Pipe Damages. Water pipes—though great for transporting and supplying water—are another major source of water damage. Over time or due to certain factors, these pipes either leak or burst, which can cause flooding (and possibly mold growth). If you notice any pipe damages, address them immediately!

  • Roof Damages. We’re often called by homeowners whose roofs have been damaged and allowed rain to pour into their homes. There can be many reasons for this roof damage, but it’s important that you regularly inspect it and quickly take care of any cracks or holes before it begins to rain!

Nobody wants to have water damage, but disaster rarely goes easy on us. While you’ll remain at risk, if you keep eyes on your home and ensure damages are immediately repaired, you can significantly lower the chances of flooding in your home. But if you do face disaster, you can call SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties any time at 828-396-1070!