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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Water Damage – Lenoir Retail Facility

Water damage at this Lenoir store was all encompassing. The before photos show merchandise floating in standing water. A disaster recovery plan was generated an... READ MORE

Flood Damage – Lenoir Commercial Facility

Flood Damage at Lenoir commercial facility went undetected over a three-day weekend. A primary water supply line break allowed a tremendous amount of water into... READ MORE

Storm Damage in a Lenoir Retail Facility

Storm damage in Lenoir left very few homes and businesses untouched. This pictured retail facility was flooded, and operations were put on hold until the standi... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Taylorsville Home

Mold damage at this Taylorsville home created a near total loss. The mold infestation occurred at a rental and the tenant vacated the property with no notice to... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Lenoir Kitchen

Fire damage in the pictured Lenoir home left a heavy dose of smoke damage. While this is typical in fire damage restoration, it is not typical for the family su... READ MORE

Water Damage – Valdese Commercial Catering Kitchen

Water damage at this Valdese commercial kitchen was so pervasive that it halted operations. We found the flooring so saturated that we needed to tear it out to ... READ MORE

A Moldy Looking Wall in Lenoir

This house in Lenoir was purchased by an individual that realized the mold problem, as shown just on this one wall, needed professional assistance from SERVPRO ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Lenoir Medical Facility

Commercial water damage resulted from a major plumbing failure. Severe flooding covered the entire floor shown at the medical facility in Lenoir. SERVPRO was ca... READ MORE

Storm Water Extraction and Drying in Lenoir

The Lenoir storm left some groundwater within the lower level of this house under construction. Our task was to quickly suction out the pooling water to prevent... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Lenoir Kitchen

Fire damage began as a grease fire in this Lenoir Kitchen. Very high heat is associated with grease fires and a great deal of soot and smoke damage normally acc... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Lenoir Hotel

Water damage to this Lenoir hotel’s main conference room left the walls, ceiling, and floor with substantial damage caused by a main water line break. At ... READ MORE

Lenoir Bedroom Overcome with a Mold Infestation

The newly purchased bank-owned property in Lenoir was in disarray from a severe mold infestation. After an inspection, we contracted to gut the room, using prec... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Lenoir

Storm damage at this Lenoir medical facility resulted when huge sections of the roof were torn away from the building by the high winds associated with the stor... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Lenoir Home

Fire damage to this Lenoir home started as an electrical fire in a first-floor lighting fixture. Since the home was a two story house, the fire damage carried o... READ MORE

Flooding in a Lenoir Beauty Salon

The dirty groundwater in the Before Photo depicts the water damage to this salon in Lenoir. The depth was about one inch so portable wet-vacs removed the water ... READ MORE

Mold Patches Ruining Walls in a Lenoir Rental Property

The Before Photo illustrates how mold can rapidly spread from the wetted carpet to the baseboards and walls. The PVC drain pipe for the washing machine had a le... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Lenoir Home

Storm Damage was severe at this Lenoir home producing flooding throughout the house. It was an emergency, and we responded immediately. We cleaned up the water ... READ MORE

Lenoir Extensive House Fire

The Before Photo shows the effects of a severe fire to this Lenoir area home. The damage is much worse than this picture reveals. Our customer's insurance adjus... READ MORE

Commercial Damage In Taylorsville

If your business has experienced water damage, you need to contact the professionals at SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties immediately. The longer you... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Lenoir Commercial Building

Mold damage at this Lenoir commercial warehouse building had taken a strong foothold. SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties advised the client to stay aw... READ MORE

Lenoir Building Needs Water Damage Restoration and More

When a main water supply line running through the attic crawlspace ruptures, volumes of cascading water can produce unfortunate damage. This Lenoir ceiling and ... READ MORE

Contents Packout in Lenoir, NC

A fire destroyed much of a home in Lenoir, NC a few months back. The fire ruined most of the possessions on the first floor, but smoke damage affected the basem... READ MORE

Severe Mold Growth in Lenoir, NC

It's not very often that entire sections of homes are lost to mold, but that was the case with one home we recently worked on. When the homeowner left to visit ... READ MORE

Fire Cleanup in Lenoir, NC

When a fire damaged large portions of a home in Lenoir, our team was called to make it "Like it never even happened." The damage was too extensive to preserve t... READ MORE

Toilet Overflow at a Lenoir Apartment Complex

We're often called to perform work on commercial properties, but what are the odds that two nearby apartment complexes would have water damage at the around the... READ MORE

Water Mitigation at Lenoir, NC Property

Imagine waking up to find that water had leaked through two floors of our home and caused two ceiling tiles to fall. This was exactly what one customer recently... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes Burst in Taylorsville, NC

During the winter months, especially when temperatures drop below freezing, you should take precautions to ensure your pipes don't freeze and burst. We get many... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Lenoir, NC

When heavy rains entered this home in Lenoir, NC, we were called to make it "Like it never even happened." Because there was not any carpet in affected areas, w... READ MORE

Dishwasher Leak in Newton, NC

We use our appliances every day, but we often take them for granted. Without regular maintenance and inspection, your appliances are likely to have leaks or oth... READ MORE

Toilet Leak in Morganton NC

Toilet-based water damage can lead to some very expensive mitigation work. In this case, the toilet leaked and flooded a customer's bathroom while they were on ... READ MORE

Hurricane Flooding in Morganton, NC

While most of Hurricane Florence's destruction was in the eastern and central regions of our state, we did feel some of its effects in Morganton. In fact, heavy... READ MORE

Rain Intrusion in Lenoir, NC

When rain intruded a local bank in Lenoir, NC, they had enough water damage to call us to make "Like it never even happened." Because the affected area had conc... READ MORE

Mold Growth in Morganton Home

When moist, stagnant air remains undisturbed for a period of time, it often leads to mold growth. This is the case in the above photos, where mold began growing... READ MORE

Flood Contaminated Clothing from a Wilmington School

Hurricane Florence created substantial damage in eastern North Carolina, and one of the most affected towns was Wilmington, NC. After the storm subsided, some o... READ MORE

Flooding at a Morganton Storage Facility

Generally, after a heavy storm, we'll get calls from customers whose home or office has been flooded. That's exactly what happened to the office of this local s... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire at a Connelly Springs Home

A grease fire caused smoke and fire damage in the kitchen at a home in Connelly Springs, NC. Multiple belongings were damaged, but we took those off-site to be ... READ MORE

Burst Pipe in Newton, NC

Recently, a pipe burst overnight in this home in Newton, NC, affecting the finished basement and the crawlspace. Our technicians quickly responded to the incide... READ MORE

Busted Water Heater in Taylorsville, NC

After a water heater busted in this home, there were over 4 inches of standing water in its finished basement. Our technicians responded immediately and began e... READ MORE

Busted Water Heater in Lenoir, NC

A water heater in this Lenoir home busted and emptied over 3 inches of standing water into the unfinished basement. Our team immediately began the extraction pr... READ MORE

Sewage Backup in Valdese, NC

When sewage backs up and floods your bathroom, it's a good idea to call SERVPRO, and that's exactly what this customer did. Because sewage is a biohazard, it mu... READ MORE

Pipe Burst in Morganton, NC

This office at a Morganton-area fire department had significant water damage after a pipe in the bathroom burst and poured out a lot of water. Not only was this... READ MORE

Water Cooler Leak at Hickory Office

No business owner wants to have to temporarily stop their operations—especially when they run a medical office and are expecting patients. But when a wate... READ MORE

Washer Overflow in Hudson, NC

What's one reason SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties should be your disaster restoration company? We respond to disasters 24 hours a day, even on majo... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos