Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Growth in Morganton Home

When moist, stagnant air remains undisturbed for a period of time, it often leads to mold growth. This is the case in the above photos, where mold began growing... READ MORE

Severe Mold Growth in Lenoir, NC

It's not very often that entire sections of homes are lost to mold, but that was the case with one home we recently worked on. When the homeowner left to visit ... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Lenoir Commercial Building

Mold damage at this Lenoir commercial warehouse building had taken a strong foothold. SERVPRO of Alexander & Caldwell Counties advised the client to stay aw... READ MORE

Mold Patches Ruining Walls in a Lenoir Rental Property

The Before Photo illustrates how mold can rapidly spread from the wetted carpet to the baseboards and walls. The PVC drain pipe for the washing machine had a le... READ MORE

Lenoir Bedroom Overcome with a Mold Infestation

The newly purchased bank-owned property in Lenoir was in disarray from a severe mold infestation. After an inspection, we contracted to gut the room, using prec... READ MORE

A Moldy Looking Wall in Lenoir

This house in Lenoir was purchased by an individual that realized the mold problem, as shown just on this one wall, needed professional assistance from SERVPRO ... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Taylorsville Home

Mold damage at this Taylorsville home created a near total loss. The mold infestation occurred at a rental and the tenant vacated the property with no notice to... READ MORE