Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Damage – Lenoir Home

Storm Damage was severe at this Lenoir home producing flooding throughout the house. It was an emergency, and we responded immediately. We cleaned up the water ... READ MORE

Mold Patches Ruining Walls in a Lenoir Rental Property

The Before Photo illustrates how mold can rapidly spread from the wetted carpet to the baseboards and walls. The PVC drain pipe for the washing machine had a le... READ MORE

Water Damage – Lenoir Home

Water damage occurred at this Lenoir home when the water heater on the other side of the wall from the family room gave way and saturated the wall and baseboard... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Lenoir Home

Fire damage to this Lenoir home started as an electrical fire in a first-floor lighting fixture. Since the home was a two story house, the fire damage carried o... READ MORE

Water Damage – Valdese Commercial Catering Kitchen

Water damage at this Valdese commercial kitchen was so pervasive that it halted operations. We found the flooring so saturated that we needed to tear it out to ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Lenoir Kitchen

Fire damage in the pictured Lenoir home left a heavy dose of smoke damage. While this is typical in fire damage restoration, it is not typical for the family su... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Taylorsville Home

Mold damage at this Taylorsville home created a near total loss. The mold infestation occurred at a rental and the tenant vacated the property with no notice to... READ MORE

Storm Damage in a Lenoir Retail Facility

Storm damage in Lenoir left very few homes and businesses untouched. This pictured retail facility was flooded, and operations were put on hold until the standi... READ MORE

Flood Damage – Lenoir Commercial Facility

Flood Damage at Lenoir commercial facility went undetected over a three-day weekend. A primary water supply line break allowed a tremendous amount of water into... READ MORE

Water Damage – Lenoir Retail Facility

Water damage at this Lenoir store was all encompassing. The before photos show merchandise floating in standing water. A disaster recovery plan was generated an... READ MORE