Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Crouched SERVPRO employee placing plastic cover over door opening

Creating a Mold Containment Zone in a Water-Damaged Home

After a burst pipe caused water damage in this home, mold growth followed shortly after. As part of the mold remediation process, we had to create a containment zone so the disrupted spores wouldn't spread to other areas of the home!

Male SERVPRO employee sticks device into dark spot on ceiling

Doing a Moisture Check During a Mold Inspection

Mold needs moisture to grow, so during our inspections, we make sure that you don't have any ongoing moisture problems. In this photo, one of our production managers checks a previously wet patch on the ceiling to make sure it's sufficiently dried.

SERVPRO employee setting up plastic divider along a staircase

Setting-up a Mold Containment Space

Our team of qualified mold specialists knows that the first part of any mold remediation job is to set-up a containment space, just like the one in the photo above. The affected area is sealed and keeps spores from leaving by utilizing negative pressure.

Mold Remediation in Lenoir, NC

A customer called us about mold that ravaged the basement of his home. A team of our SERVPRO heroes arrived in their signature green truck to make it "Like it never even happened."

Taylorsville Mold Patches

The mold growth shown in this Taylorsville home resulted from condensation within the apron holding the a/c duct work. Extensive clean up by SERVPRO techs can resolve this problem and restore the structure to its preloss condition.

Taylorsville Mold Attack in Attic

The attic area of this home was highly infested with mold because of excess moisture. We contained this area with poly sheeting to seal any spores and mold from infiltrating down into the garage area during the mold remediation.