Commercial Photo Gallery

Man in white PPE aiming nozzle into a firetruck

Disinfecting A Catawba County Fire Department

As part of our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned initiative, we have helped countless businesses clean and disinfect their property. We even performed disinfecting services for our local fire departments—free of charge!

Person in white PPE directing a nozzle into a room

Disinfecting a Conover Business

COVID-19 still presents a challenge to our daily lives, so our team is helping local businesses by offering to clean and disinfect their property, such as what we did in the above photo. If you're interested in having a professional cleaning, you can learn more about our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned initiative.

Two SERVPRO employees in PPE standing in an office

Cleaning and Disinfecting Local Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of keeping our work environments safe. We've helped several businesses clean and disinfect their properties to help them reduce the spread of pathogens. 

We ensure our employees wear proper protective gear to keep them and our customers safe! This is just one of several safety policies we've implemented.

Three SERVPRO employees working in a hall full of green SERVPRO equipment

SERVPRO Team Mitigating Water Damage

During the winter weather, we had a lot of calls from customers who had burst water pipes. Pictured above, our crew promptly got to work when a local medical office was affected by water damage.

Person on step ladder wiping a white wall in a commercial space

Cleaning After a Commercial Fire in Valdese, NC

When a commercial building in Valdese, NC, had a fire, they called SERVPRO. Our technicians conducted a thorough duct cleaning, deodorized multiple rooms, and used proprietary cleaning solutions to scrub the stained floors and walls. In the end, it looked "Like it never even happened."

Dark water patches on red carpet

Water Damage in a Morganton Commercial Building

A local business recently suffered water damage, but SERVPRO was there to save the day. In the above photo, water pooled in the hallway. Our techs used our air movers and dehumidifiers to target the moisture before mold and other damage set in.

Water Damage in a Taylorsville Large Office

A broken water line wetted a portion of the commercial carpet in the Taylorsville office environment. Wet-vacs and special hand wands suctioned off the small amount of standing water. SERVPRO techs can then remove the lingering moisture with air movers and dehumidifiers. We skillfully work around the office staff and removed the equipment the following morning before the start of business.

Commercial Water Damage – Lenoir Municipal Building

Commercial water damage to this Lenoir Municipal building was caused by a broken water line in between the walls that fed a water fountain. As you can see in the photo, it caused quite a bit of water damage to the drywall. There was also water on the floor which we quickly cleaned up. The photo shows the air movers and dehumidifiers working to help dry the area and bring the air quality into acceptable ranges.

Bethlehem Commercial Water Damage

The overhead sprinkler system went off and then stayed on, for almost one hour. The water wetted the carpeting but spared the walls and soft-tiled ceiling. Our SERVPRO technicians quickly vacuumed up the water, removed several sections of floor coving, and then placed our drying equipment to salvage the flooring. This real estate office and learning center were ready for business.