Cleaning Photo Gallery

Women pushing loaded basket in room with washers and dryers stacked along adjacent walls

Our Textiles Cleaning Facility

When our customers face mold, fire, or water damage, their clothes, rugs, and other textiles are often damaged. That's why we offer the opportunity to clean and restore those textiles. In the above photo, you can see just a small portion of our fully fitted textiles cleaning facility, which is based at our office in Lenoir!

Large gray machine next to an open air return in an apartment unit

Duct Cleaning at a Maiden Apartment

The previous tenant in this Maiden apartment unit regularly smoked cigarettes indoors, which led to a strong, lingering odor. As a result, our crew was asked to conduct a duct cleaning and deploy deodorizing methods to remove the odor!

Three SERVPRO employees in a house performing a duct cleaning with gray machine connected through attic

HVAC Cleaning in a Lenoir Home

We offer duct cleaning services to homes and businesses in the community. Our HVAC-cleaning team uses the latest techniques and processes to remove debris and contaminants from your duct system. Above, our employees begin cleaning the ducts of a home near downtown Lenoir.

Large machine with gray front labeled "esporta"

Esporta Soft Contents Cleaning Technology

This is our Esporta Washing System, which is housed in our textile cleaning facility. This super powerful machine can clean 90% of soft contents (including clothes, stuffed animals, leather, and many others)! This is just one of several technologies we use to clean and restore your belongings!